નાદબ્રહ્મ પદ - ૧૯૨, રાગ - કાફી
Nādbrahma pada 192, rāga - kāfi

Syadla Bhajan Mandal (Recorded in 1982 in Mumbai)

Syadla Bhajan Mandal - 192 Kon To Kare Janjal

કોણ કરે જંજાલ રે, જુગમેં જીવન થોડા;
માતાપિતાએ જન્મ દિયો હૈ, કર્મ દિયો કિરતાર ... ટેક
kon kare jaňjāl re, jug-meň jivan thodā
mātā-pitā-e janma diyo hai, karma diyo kiratār  ... repeat

માટી ચુન ચુન મહલ બનાયા, અંધ કહે ઘર મેરા;
નહિ ઘર તેરા નહિ ઘર મેરા, જાતા જંગલ કા ડેરા ... ૧
māti chun chun mahal banāyā, aňdh kahe ghar merā
nahi ghar terā nahi ghar merā, jātā jaňgal kā derā ... 1

કોઇ તો જશે દશ વીશ વરસમાં, કોઇ તો જશે બાલપન ... ૨
ko-ii to jashe dash vish varas-māň, ko-ii to jashe bāl-pan ... 2

કોઇ ઊતરે રત્નાગર સાગર, કોઇ તો ઊતરે ભવપાર ... ૩
ko-ii u-tare rat-nāgar sāgar,  ko-ii to u-tare bhav-pār ... 3

કહે કબીર સુનો ભાઇ સાધુ, જૂઠા દેહ કા ખ્યાલ ... ૪
kahe kabir suno bhā-ii sādhu, juthā deh kā khyāl ... 4

English Translation:
0. Why should you bother about everything in the world? You have been given just a small life, then why should you at all bother? You have been born by your parents, and when you are born, what you have to do in this world, has been destined the Supreme Almighty.

1. You have created a palace collecting all things, which are just as much worth as mud. And blinded by worldly passions, you call that your own house. In fact, it is neither your house nor mine; but it is like a makeshift shelter in a forest, which you are not destined to enjoy indefinitely.

2. Some will have to go in their twenties or thirties or even in childhood.

3. And after that, some may go deep down the depths of oceans, whereas, some others can fathom across the ocean of this life and find a place in divine realm.

4. Saint Kabir rightly explains, O' gentle being, paying attention to physical comforts or discomforts and possessiveness is all in vain, as these are going to remain behind when you leave this mortal life.