પદ - ૯૯૫
pada 995

Syadla Bhajan Mandal (Recorded in 1982 in Mumbai)

Syadla Bhajan Mandal - 995 Evi Chhe Kudarat-ni Kala

એવી છે કુદરતની કળા, અણધાર્યું તે આગળ થાય
evi chhe kudarat-ni kalā, ana-dhāryuň te āgal thāy

     રાજા દશરથે એના મનમાં વિચાર્યું,
     વ્હેલી સવારે રામને ગાદીએ બેસાડું,
વ્હેલી સવારે રામ વનવાસ જાય ... અણધાર્યું તે આગળ થાય
    rājā dash-rathe enā man-māň vichāryuň,
    vaheli savāre rām-ne gādi-e besādu,
vaheli savāre rām van-vās jāy ... ana-dhāryuň te āgal thāy

     રાજા રાવણ તો અતિ મહા બળિયો,
     સીતા માતાનું હરણ કરી ગયો,
સોનેરી લંકામાં લાગી છે લહાય ... અણધાર્યું તે આગળ થાય
    rājā rāvan to ati mahā baliyo,
    sitā mātā-nu haran kari gayo,
soneri lankā-maň lāgi chhe lahāy ... ana-dhāryuň te āgal thāy

     રાજા અભિમન્યુએ મનમાં વિચાર્યું,
     સાતે કોઠા મારે જીતી લેવા છે,
સાતમે કોઠે વહાલો રણમાં રોળાય ... અણધાર્યું તે આગળ થાય
    rājā abhi-manyu-e man-maň vichāryuň,
    sāte kothā māre jiti levā chhe,
sāt-me kothe vahālo ran-māň rolāy ... ana-dhāryuň te āgal thāy

     શેઠ સગળશા ચંગાવતી રાણી,
     બ્રાહ્મણજનોને ભોજન કરાવે,
પુત્ર ચેલૈયો ખાંડણિયે ખંડાય ... અણધાર્યું તે આગળ થાય
    sheth sagalshā chaňgā-vati rāni,
    brāhman-jano-ne bhojan karāve,
putra chela-ii-yo khaňdaniye khaňdāy ... ana-dhāryuň te āgal thāy

    સતગુરુ કબીરજી સ્વર્ગે સિધાવે,
     હિન્દુ ને મુસ્લિમ ઝઘડો ચલાવે,
ચાદર ખસેડતાં ફૂલડાં દેખાય ... અણધાર્યું તે આગળ થાય
  sat-guru kabir-ji svarge sidhāve,
  hindu ne muslim jhagado chalāve,
chādar khased-tā fuladā dekhāy ... ana-dhāryuň te āgal thāy

YouTube Video(s):
1. Bhakta Youth - April 9, 2005, Bhajans at Bhakta Cultural Center, Norwalk, CA, USA
2. Shree Ramkabir Mandir Bhajan Mandal - January 31, 2017, Ganpatpura, Gujarat, India

English Translation:
[As a saying goes "Man proposes and God disposes"... the ways of fateful forces are truly unfathomable!]

Such is the game of fortune that unforeseen things happen! ....

1. King Dashrath had decided on coronation of Ram, his eldest son as the next king of Ayodhya. But the Mother Destiny had a different design in store. Queen Kaikeyi reminded King Dashrath of the two promises he had made to her long ago. Accordingly while asking the King to fulfill his promises, she asked Prince to be sent to forests and coronate her son Bharat as the next king of Ayodhya. While granting two promises to his wife Kaikeyi, it had never occurred to King Dashrath, how it would boomerang.

2. All powerful King Ravan is said to have brought all the stars of destiny under his control. Sensing himself invincible, King Ravan kidnapped Sita, the wife of Lord Ram. But he had never imagined in his wildest dream, that securely protected Lanka could ever be invaded. As the tides of destiny turned, mighty Ravan was forced to witness burning Lanka before he lost his life in battle against the Prince Ram. Really, sometimes unexpected happens.

3. The great celebrated warrior of Mahabharat, Abhimanyu had thought of devastating the 7-strata strategic formations of the Kaurav armies. He was so sure of emerging winner as he rushed through the enemies, but the destiny had cast a different strategy against him. Before any help from his own armies could reach him, he was surrounded by mighty warriors of Kaurav army, and brutally killed. How can we ever realize that unexpected can happen to devastate our dreams.

4. A merchant couple - **A merchant Sagalsha and his wife were exceedingly philanthropic and used to offer meals to hungry people and Brahmins. It so happened once that, they invited a hungry ascetic from Aghori sect to have food. To make the long story short.... the Aghori demanded human flesh to be cooked. Finding no way to meet the demand of the Aghori for human flesh, the couple decided to sacrifice the life of their only son Chelaiyya. The Aghori demanded crushed head of their son to be served for his meals, but with a condition, that no drop of tear must shed from their eyes. The couple obliged. Touched by their height of ingenuity and devotion, God appeared before them and graced them with divine blessings and returned the life of their son.

5. Saint Kabir was revered alike by Hindus and Muslims. Hindus considered him as a one of them, while the Muslims believed him to be a Muslim. As per a legend associated with last days of Saint Kabir, sensing rivalry between his devotees, Kabir Ji said, "Cover my body with a bed-sheet and let me sleep." When the divine soul of Saint Kabir left for heavenly abode, upon removal of the sheet his Hindu and Muslim devotees were awed to find a pile of flowers. None of his devotees had ever expected such a thing could happen. They shared the flowers equally - the Muslims buried them in a grave and the Hindus placed them in flowing waters of river Ganga.