નાદબ્રહ્મ પદ - ૭૮૧, રાગ - ધોળ
Nādbrahma pada - 781, rāga - dhol

Mahila Mandal

Mahila Mandal - 781 Tun To Ram Ratan

Mahila Mandal - Syadla (Recorded in 2011)

Mahila Mandal - Syadla - Tu To Ram Ratan Kar (Nadbrahma

તું તો  રામ રટણ કર રંગમાં, તારું જાય છે જુવાનીનું જોર
                                                   અવસર આવો નહિ મળે ... ટેક
tuň to rām ratan kar raňg-māň, tāru jāy chhe juvāni-nu jor
                                                   avasar āvo nahi male ... repeat

જીરે કાચો કુંભ જલે ભર્યો, તેને ફૂટતાં નહિ લાગે વાર ... ૧
jire kācho kumbh jale bharyo, tene futatā nahi lāge vār ... 1

જીરે કાચા સુતરનો તાંતણો, તેને તૂટતાં નહિ લાગે વાર ... ૨
jire kāchā sutar-no tāňtano, tene tutatā nahi lāge vār ... 2

જીરે વાડી ખીલીને ફૂલ્યો મોગરો, તેને કરમાતાં નહિ લાગે વાર ... ૩
jire vādi khili-ne fulyo mogaro, tene karamātā nahi lāge vār ... 3

જીરે બાજીગરે બાજી રચી, એને સમેટતાં નહિ લાગે વાર ... ૪
jire bāji-gare bāji rachi, ene sametatā nahi lāge vār ... 4

જીરે પાંચ તત્વનું પૂતળું, માંહી બોલન હારો રામ ... ૫
jire pāňcha tatva-nu putalu, māňhi bolan hāro rām ... 5

જીરે ગગન મંડળમાં ચોરી રચી, ત્યાં પરણે છે આત્મારામ ... ૬
jire gagan maňdal-māň chori rachi, tyāň parane chhe ātmā-rām ... 6

જીરે દાસ પ્રીતમની વિનંતિ, અમને મળ્યા છે સતગુરૂ શ્યામ ... ૭
jire dās pritam-ni vinaňti, am-ne malyā chhe sat-guru shyām ... 7

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1. Shree Ramkabir Mandir Bhajan Mandal

English Translation:
The followers of Kabir Panth, believe Saint Kabirdas Ji as a personification of the Supreme Divinity. His words of wisdom on various spiritual and religious aspects have always shown us a path to attain the divine essence. Spiritual teachings have emphasized on the fact that every living being is an essence of the Supreme Divine. Only thing required is to invoke divinity from within our hearts.

0. Bhakt poet of this Bhajan, Pritamdas Ji voicing the thoughts of Saint Kabir Saheb says, Man, chant the holy name of Rama with blissful delight. Since the moment we are born, we steadily continue to gain strength until youthfulness, but then with growing age our strength and vigor begin to vain. Bear in mind, you will not get such an opportunity to uplift your soul to unify with the Supreme Soul.

1. Our body is like a pot made of mud, which is filled with water. Science has proved our body is made up of almost seventy percent of water, and rest thirty percent is made up of flesh and bones. Our body is as fragile as a earthen pot.

Originally reflecting this thought, Kabir Ji had said,

જલ મેં કુંભ,  કુંભ મેં જલ હૈ, બાહર ભીતર પાની;
ફૂટા કુંભ જલ જલહીં સમાના, યહ તથ કથૌ ગિયાની।।

The way, when an earthen pot is sunk in sea water, it gets enveloped with water outside as well within. Owing to the shape of the pot, water acquires the shape of the pot. But no sooner the pot akin to human body breaks, the difference of between the soul within and the Supreme Soul gets obliterated.

2. Human body enveloping the soul within is as easily broken as a thread of cotton. In no time it may break, if not handled carefully. Your human form is frail like a fiber of cotton, so why be pleased about its prowess and power!

3. This universe is as wondrous as a garden full of enchantingly beautiful and fragrant flowers. But a flower bloomed with the first ray of the Sun in the morning is destined to shrivel and fall off. The beauty and fragrance of Jasmine is temporary absolutely like human life.

4. Our life is like a game laid out by a juggler who spreads out his the backgammon game. None has any inclination how the things would fare, once the page of destiny is turned. It is just futile to blow your own trumpet, since in no time Mother Destiny may turn the table.

5. The human body, just like the entire universe, is made up of the five elements earth, water, fire, air and space. These elements are also referred to as Panch Mahabhoot. The pulsating sound of Prana or breath, which is independent of these five elements are referred to as a voice of Rama.

6. The ultimate aim of mundane soul or spiritually inclined individual is to experience the essence of the Supreme Divinity. Portraying entire universe as a pavilion of marriage, poet Pritam Das says, here is the place where the soul gets unified with the essence of the Supreme Soul. As wedding unites two individuals in wedlock, their entire existence pulsates with same rhythm. When a soul gets unified with the Supreme Soul, ultimate Nirvana or Moksha is attained.

7. Lastly, pleasantly singing in praise of God, poet Pritam Das thanks his stars for having found a divine guru. It is absolutely true that, only when a spiritual teacher accepts his pupils under his command, the soul can attain pinnacle of spiritual enlightenment, by the grace of Satguru Shyam.