નાદબ્રહ્મ પદ - ૨૪૮,  રાગ - સોરઠ
Nādbrahma pada  248, rāga - sorath

ખેલે રાત અંધારી, તારો જન, ખેલે રાત અંધારી;
દસ પાંચ મિલકર વૈષ્ણવ આયે, જુઓ મન વિચારી ... ટેક
khele rāt aňdhāri, tāro jan, khele rāt aňdhāri
das pāňch mil-kar vaishnav āye, ju-o man vichāri ... repeat

ડાલુ ભરકર ઘઉં કો લાયે, ઉપર નાંખી થાળી;
આંગણ આયે હડસેલો દિનો, સાંભળ સુલક્ષ્ણા નારી ... ૧
dālu bhar-kar ga-uň ko lāye, upar nāňkhi thāli
āňgan āye had-selo dino, sāmbhal sula-kshanā nāri ... 1

વહાણું વાશે ત્યારે પગીઓ આવશે, શી ગતિ થાશે મારી;
ઝરમર ઝરમર મેહુલો વરસ્યો, પ્રભુજીએ વાત સુધારી ... ૨
vahānu vāshe tyāre pagi-o āvashe, shi gati thāse māri
jhar-mar jhar-mar mehulo varasyo, prabhu-ji-e vāt sudhāri re ... 2

સંતને કારણે ચોરી કીની, મરણ કી શંકા ન આણી;
ઘાટમદાસ જાતકો મેણો, આયે શરણે તુમ્હારે ... ૩
saňt-ne kārane chori kini, maran ki shaňkā na āni
ghātam-dās jāta-ko meno, āye sharane tum-hāre ... 3

English Translation:
0. Dark night seems playfully darker as your soul is in turmoil,
Five to ten Vaishnava devout have come, just think of them.

1. Basketful of wheat was poured and a plate placed on it,
Listen good lady, those who came to your doorstep were pushed away.

2. At day-break as guards come tracing me, what'll be my condition,
But God saved my face, making rains. Rains drizzled in the night.

3. Committed theft for the sake of saint, did not doubt the death;
Ghatamdas by caste a Meena, went to the recluse of god.


[Although, I tried to trace the legend narrated on Saint Ghatamdas, in the above bhajan. However, I found a different legend on Ghatam Das, which is narrated below for the interest of the readers.]

A dreaded dacoit called Ghaatam lived near Jodhpur. He was Mina by caste. Once he visited a a village called Ghodi, near Jaipur. On his way back, he saw a religious congregation. Out of curiosity and wanting to take rest, Ghatam mingled with the group of devout villagers.

He was fascinated by the speech being delivered by a hermit. As the meeting ended, Ghatam went into the hermit’s hut and bowed before him. The hermit asked him, "Who are you, my son?" Ghatam replied, "Baba, I am Ghatam."

The hermot was astonished; he said "But Ghaatam is a great dacoit, a famous thief."

Ghaatam replied, "Well, that's me."

The hermit was about to preach him when Ghaatam said, "Don’t ask me to give up my work as a dacoit, as I will not give it up. You may ask me to do something else.”

“Will you promise me to do whatever I say?” The hermit asked.

“Yes, I promise that I will do."

"Very well, if I ask you to give up all evil deeds, you may not give up those. But, you may just adhere to four points – 1. Tell truth. Never tell a lie. 2. If you meet saints or hermits, serve them devotionally. 3. Before you begin to you eat food, always offer first morsel to go god and pray, "Whatever I eat, I proffer that to you. 4. Lastly, wherever saints are worshipping, stop there and join in worshipping. Just adhere to follow these four dictate." Ghatam thought, it is very easy to follow those dictates.

After a few days, Ghatam came to know of a merchant had brought a very powerful black mare to sell to the king of Jaipur. He heard that the mare ran at a lightning speed. He decided to steal it from the merchant. The mare was very costly. He visited the encampment of the merchant in the darkness of early morning. The merchant was asleep, but his sentry was awake.

Seeing a moving silhouette of man the sentry called out, "Who is that?"

The dacoit replied, "I am Ghatam."

The sentry thought this as a joke. How could Ghatam come at such time?

He called out, "Come on, move on, go on your way."

Ghatam untied the rope of the mare, jumped astride and galloped away. Somewhere around dawn, as Ghatam drew closer to his hideout, he saw prayers being offered in a wayside temple. He stopped and tied the mare to a tree nearby and entered the temple and sat down in the prayer meet.

Immediately, the sentry realized something was wrong. He alerted the merchant. During the day, he reported the matter to the king. The King ordered his soldiers to trace the dacoit. It was easy to trace the footsteps of mare. They located the mare tied to a tree-trunk near a temple. They also saw traces of two human feet were leading into the temple. They approached Ghatam and asked if he had brought the mare. He replied truthfully. The soldiers arrested him and took him to the king.

The king was impressed by Ghatam’s adherence to his promise made to the hermit. He knew that, Ghatam was very brave and could fight well. Having thought that, Ghatam was an honest man turned dacoit, he made him a lieutenant in his army.

However, Ghatam was moved by spirituality and gave up the services of the king and became a hermit. Lately, he came to be known as Ghatam Das.