નાદબ્રહ્મ પદ - ૫૯૮, રાગ - હિંડોળાની કાફી
Nādbrahma pada 598, rāga - hindolā-ni kāfi

Dhaman Bhajan Mandal (Recorded in 1971)

Dhaman Bhajan Mandal - 598 Jhule Navalabihari Pyaro L

ઝુલે નવલબિહારી પ્યારો લાલ ઝુલાવન આઇ;
jhule naval-bihāri pyāro lāl jhulāvan ā-ii

સોરંગ હિંડોળો લાલકો રે, જોડી જુગલ શોહાય;
ઝુલાવે સબ ગ્વાલની રે, તહાં બૈઠે કુંવર કનાય ... ટેક
soraňg hindolo lāl-ko re, jodi jugal shohāy
jhulāve sab gvāl-ni re, tahāň bai-the kuňvar kanāy ... repeat

મણિ કાંચન કે સ્થંભ મનોહર, વિદ્રુમ દાંડી શોહાય;
પચરંગ દોરી પાટકી રે, તહાં પટુલી પાંચ જડાય ... ૧
mani kāňchan ke sthambh mano-har, vidrum dāňdi shohāy
pach-raňg dori pātaki re, tahāň patuli pāňch jadāy ... 1

બરન બરનકે ફુલને રે, જહાં મોતિઅનકો ઝુમ બનાઇ;
માનુની ગાવે મોદ શું રે, તહાં બાજે અનંત વધાઇ ... ૨
baran baran-ke ful-ne re, jahāň moti-an-ko jhum banā-ii
mānuni gāve mod shuň re, tahāň bāje anaňt vadhā-ii ... 2

મોહી રહી સુર સુંદરી રે, જહાં કુસુમની વર્ષા કરાઇ;
શોભા દેખી દંપતિ રે, તહાં કૃષ્ણદાસ બલ જાય ... ૩
mohi rahi sur suňdari re, jahāň kusum-ni varshā karā-ii
shobhā dekhi dampati re, tahāň krishna-dās bal jāy ... 3

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English Translation:
[This Bhajan has its roots in Vaishnav sect and it is penned by devout poet Krishnadas in Vraj Bhasha (Vraj dialect widely spoken in Vrundavan, Mathura (North India) and even in Nathdwara (Rajasthan). Poet Krishnadas was the last poet of first four poets of 'Ashtchhap' and most of the verses created by him are comprised in the distinct classical singing known as form of Haveli Sangeet. Most of the devotional verses are symbolic representation of carrying deep spiritual connotation.]

Devotional worship borne out of spiritual knowledge holds greater significance. Worship devoid of spiritual essence becomes garrulous. The soul of a devout desirous to experience the essence of divinity swings like a pendulum. Young lovable Krishna (Navalbihari) symbolic as a Supreme Soul, is swinging gaily, as I have come to realize divine joy of swaying my soul on the spiritual swing.

In fact, devotion or Bhakti rests on two pillars of spiritual enlightenment and asceticism. It embodies the totality of love for God. Radha and Krishna are the male and female aspects of the Supreme Divinity, known as the Divine Couple. Together they are the full manifestation of God.

0. The swing of youthful handsome Krishna is embellished with saffron colored (Sorang) flowers, which is graced by loving couple i. e. Radha and Krishna in the form of Devotion and Awareness. Cowhands from all over have thronged to take a chance to sway the swing of Kunwar Kanhai (youthful Krishna) with devout love; meaning, acquiring their share of spiritual experience and divine joy.

1. Such a swing of Spiritual Enlightenment is suspended on the four pillars of embellished with precious jewels. These precious jewels are self-restraint, celibacy, contentment and forgiveness, which are as precious as bijou, pearls, gold and coral. The combination of all these spiritual virtues enables the seeker to attain spiritual realization.

The pulling string to sway the soul on the swing of spiritual realization is made up of quintessence - the elemental proportions of Prakriti or Elemental Nature. These five elements are Ether (Akash), Wind (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Water (Jal) and Earth (Prithvi). These five elements form the warp and woof of the entire cosmos.

Every single object and being - be it an animate and non-animate entity in the cosmos embodies a diverse spectrum and fusion of five elements giving it an unparalleled entity. The five cardinal elements are a part and parcel of the all-encompassing cosmic consciousness. Every animate and inanimate being is made up of atoms and the five basic elements which could be explained with the example of a structure of an atom. The fusion of these five basic elements forms human body. The five lower chakras - Muladhar, Svndhishthana, Manipura, Anaahata and Vishuddha are synchronized to the energy flow of the five elements.

2. Although, the swing embellished with different types flowers, have chains of garlands made of bright pearls. Young beautiful women are singing in sweet voice, with an accompaniment of Shehnai, spiritually charging entire atmosphere.

3. Beauteous dancing girls have enlivened the environment with divine magnificence, as flower petals are strewn. Perceiving splendorous beauty of the couple - Radha and Krishna, Krishnadas cannot stop himself from singing in praise of the God.