નાદબ્રહ્મ પદ - ૬૧૨, રાગ - હિંડોળાનું મારૂ
Nādbrahma pada 612, rāga - hindolā-nu māru

ઝુલાવન આયી ગોપી, ઝુલાવન આયી;
ચલ હો હિંડોળો દેખન વનમેં, અશ ચંપેકી છાંય ... ટેક
jhulāvan āyi gopi, jhulāvan āyi
chal ho hiňdolo dekhan van-meň, ash champeki chhāňy ... repeat

પહેરત પીત પીતામ્બર સુંદર, સાડી સુરંગ સોહાય;
શ્યામા શ્યામ બરોબર બૈઠી, શોભા વરણી ન જાય ... ૧
paherat pit pitām-bar suňdar, sādi suraňg sohāy
shyāmā shyām baro-bar bai-thi, shobhā varani na jāy ... 1

મણિ કાંચનકે સ્થંભ મનોહર, દાંડી ચાર સોહાય;
પરમાનંદ પ્રભુ ઝુલે હિંડોળે, ગોપી ઝુલાવન આયી ... ૨
mani kāňchan ke sthambh mano-har, dāňdi chār sohāy
parmā-naňda prabhu jhule hiňdole, gopi jhulāvan āyi ... 2

YouTube Video(s):
1. Orna Bhajan Mandal - August 2008, Janmashtami
2. Dhaman, Asundar - September 2, 1991, Janmashtami

English Translation:
[The worldly affairs are like dense dark forest through which a soul strives to find its way to reach the Supreme Realm. The swing sways in the forest of worldliness between illusions are reality.]

0. The Gopis have come to sway the swing. They propose to go into forest where they wish to see their beloved God is swaying on a swing under the shade of Magnolia (Champa) flowers, which is as soothing as wish fulfillment. Desires comes swarming swaying imagination in hope of achieving happiness. Rooted in worldly affairs mind envisions realm of happi0ness, which in fact, is nothing but illusion. Such an illusion could be as soothing as intoxicating fragrance of Magnolia flower.

1. Fondly visualizing image of the God in the Lord Krishna attired in yellowish Pitamber (dhoti) and Radhika dressed up in (Sorang) brightly colored costume seated together makes up a beautiful pair. Beautiful brunette (Shyaama) and handsome dandy man (Shyam) as Radha and Krishna are swaying on wonderful swing, and their splendor cannot be narrated in word.

2. Two golden columns of wisdom and knowledge add beauty to the life of and individual. Four bars created out of love, fondness, hope and dedication; its magnificence turns out to be beyond the scope of words. Gopi, in the form of devotion or Bhakti sways the swing of God, as the fervent disciple Paramananda sings in praise of Supreme Divinity.