નાદબ્રહ્મ પદ - ૭૨૨, રાગ - ગરબી
Nādbrahma pada 722, rāga - garbi

નંદના છોરું રે ખેલત કાંકરી કોણે મારી
કોણે મારી રે મારે હૈયે લાગી ... નંદના છોરું રે
naňda-nā chhoru re khelat kaňkari kone māri
kone māri re māre haiye lāgi ... naňda-nā chhoru re

તેરી મારી મેં તો નહિ રે મારુંગી
મોરી દિલકી મારી મર જાઉં રે ... નંદના છોરું રે
teri māri meň to nahi re māruňgi
mori dil-ki māri mar ja-uň re ... naňda-nā chhoru re

આ તીરે ગંગા ને પેલી તીરે જમુના
મારે ભરવા છે ઝાઝાં નીર રે ... નંદના છોરું રે
ā tire gaňgā ne peli tire jamunā
māre bharva jhājhā nir re ... naňda-nā chhoru re

કંઠે તિલક કુમકુમ ઓર કેસર
મોતીયન ચોક પુરાવો રે ... નંદના છોરું રે
kaňthe tilak kum-kum or kesar
moti-yan chok purāvo re ... naňda-nā chhoru re

ભક્તો લીયે અવતાર લીયો હૈ
કંસ નિકંદન કાજ રે ... નંદના છોરું રે
bhakto liye avatar liyo hai
kaňsa nikaňdan kāj re ... naňda-nā chhoru re

પ્રેમાનંદ પ્રભુ ચિરમ્ જીવો રે
નંદ લાલ કે લાલ રે ... નંદના છોરું રે
premā-naňda prabhu chiram jivo re
naňda lāl ke lāl re ... naňda-nā chhoru re

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1. Shree Ramkabir Mandir Bhajan Mandal

English Translation:
[Devotion fervor has different shades. One may worship God out of fear or to seek favor. For the people of Dwarka the God is Dwarkaadhish - the King of Dwarka, while for some the God is a friend, philosopher or a lover, or the Master. For the people of Mathura or Vrundavan, Krishna is a friend or a lover, and for the Vaishnavaites lovingly worshiping and perceiving the God - Lord Krishna is a child. The essence of all these emotions is just directed at the Divine Creator in whom we perceive reflection of devotional feelings, since worshiping God in such a way gives us a sense of devotion.]

0. The following devotional verse borne out of love for the child Krishna, expresses motherly caring expression of a devout. Which mother would tolerate her child being hit by a pebble - even in fun or in play! When the son of Nand, adored by all, is hit by a pebble thrown playfully, it caused pain to the heat of the devout.

1. Not willing to accept the blame, another devout blurts out, 'May he might have been hit by you playfully; I have not hit the pebble. How can I do that, who I love so much? I would rather die rather than flinging a stone at the son of Nand Ji.

2. A Gopi exclaims, she has to fill up lots of water. The waters here are symbolic products or results of the Karma that she has to perform in the course of life. A devout further say, 'I have to collect waters of Ganga from this side of the bank and waters of Jamuna from the other side.' How is that? How come a river has waters of Ganga and Jamuna rivers on either bank?
In Hindu philosophy the rivers are accepted as an extended part of Hindu families, mostly revered as a mother as 'Mother Ganga’, whereas, Kalindi or Yamuna, is revered as a sister of Lord Yama - the God of death and justice. Legends describe Yama as the twin of Yamuna, a river goddess associated with life, and the Yama as the son of the sun god Surya and Saranyu.

Saint poetess, Meerabai has sung,

"ચલો મન ગંગા-જમુના તીર...
ગંગા-જમુના નિરમલ પાની, શીતલ હોત શરીર,
બંસી બજાવત ગાવત કાન્હા, સંગ લિયા બલવીર,
ચલો મન ગંગા-જમુના તીર...

The waters of Ganga and Jamuna are holier, that calms and soothes our bodies. The feelings these rivers invoke within the hearts of a devotee that on its banks Krishna - Kaanhaa is singing and playing flute accompanied by his brother Balram or Balvir.

3. Having smeared saffron on throat and vermilion Tilak on forehead, the son of Nand steals our hearts. Let us welcome him by creating designs with pearls.

4. When the people of Mathura were oppressed and terrorized by the cruel King of Kansa, Lord Vishnu has incarnated as Krishna, as the son of Nand. Hearing the beseeching prayers of the people of Mathura, young Krishna killed Kansa and liberated the people from his oppressive rule.

5. Poet Premanand, conveys his warm greetings to Lord Krishna for being borne as a son of Nand Ji. May the glory of the son of Nand last for ever and age after age.... forever...!