નાદબ્રહ્મ પદ - ૭૧૯, રાગ - ગરબી
Nādbrahma pada 719, rāga - garbi

Tarsadi Bhajan Mandal (Recorded on January 7, 2007 at Tarsadi Mandir)

Tarsadi Bhajan Mandal - 719 Mari Sheri-e Shyamaliya

મારી શેરીએ આવો શ્યામળિઆ;
વાટલીએ વેરાવું ફૂલ પ્રીતમ પાતલિઆ ... ટેક
māri sheri-e āvo shyāmali-ā
vātali-e verāvu ful pritam pātali-ā ...  repeat

મેં જુગમેં જોયું શ્યામળિઆ;
નહિ આવે તમારી તોલ પ્રીતમ પાતલિઆ ... ૧
meň jug-meň joyu shyāmali-ā
nahi āve tamāri tol pritam pātali-ā ... 1

ધન ધન દેવકીના શ્યામળિઆ;
જાણે જનમ્યા ને અકલ સ્વરૂપ પ્રીતમ પાતલિઆ ... ૨
dhan dhan devaki-nā shyāmali-ā
jāne janamyā ne akal sva-rup pritam pātali-ā ... 2

તારું મુખડું સુંદર શામળિઆ;
જાણે શરદ પુનમનો ચંદ્ર પ્રીતમ પાતલિઆ ... ૩
tāru mukhadu suňdar shāmali-ā
jāne sharad punam-no chaňdra pritam pātali-ā ... 3

રઘુનાથના સ્વામી શ્યામળિઆ;
વ્હાલો દુઃખડા કેરો જાણ પ્રીતમ પાતલિઆ ... ૪
raghu-nāth-nā svāmi shyāmali-ā
vahālo dukhadā kero jān pritam pātali-ā ... 4

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English Translation:
Krishna wants pure love and surrender from his devotees. He takes such great pleasure in receiving the loving sentiments of His devotees.  For his devotees Lord Krishna becomes friend, philosopher and guide and even to some like Gopis of Braj he is lover.

Elated by happiness of being in love with Krishna, Radha sings inviting her beloved Lord Krishna. Spiritually literature on Radha and Krishna have considered Radha a metaphor for the human spirit, her love and longing for Krishna is theologically viewed as symbolic of the human quest for spiritual growth and union with the Supreme Divine.

The following poem describes how bewitchingly Radha invites her Lord Krishna to her lane! We find the devotees reach out to God to seek divine blessings by visiting the temples. But, Krishna who wants pure love and devotion, bows to the wishes of his devotees. In order to offer grand welcome to Krishna, Radha has strewn the lane with flowers of her prayers.

1. It is believed that the soul traverses through eighty-four hundred thousand births (generations) seeking emancipation or union with the Supreme Divine. Radha says, her soul has traversed through thousands of births, but she could not find anyone alike Krishna. There is none comparable to her divine lover Shyam i.e. Krishna.

2. Thanking her good fortunes, Radha seems to bless her soul. Enchanted with celestial pleasure of having been blessed by her good fortunes, Radha exclaims that her handsome slender lover Shri Krishna is born as enigmatic form.

3. Addressing Krishna, praising countenance of her lover, Radha says you look captivatingly handsome. Attainment of spiritual realization is like basking in sublime beauty of the full-moon brightness of Sharad Poornima.

4. Only true and devoted lover of God who has given up all his worries has laid them at the feet of his Lord. When a devotee has surrendered himself at the mercy of the Supreme Divine, he becomes free of woes and apprehensions. Summing up his prayer, poet Raghunath says, his beloved Lord Shri Krishna is aware of his anguishes. The devotee is sure that his adored lover, Krishna would take care of him and protect from woes the life.